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Our DoGood2FeelGood Holiday Gift Collection & Wrapping Parties!


We are overwhelemed with the amazing response from our communities!  We held 2 parties - one is Easton, PA hosted by KLO Events on December 4th and the other on December 5th in Brooklyn, NY hosted by Jessica Hall!  All together we collected and wrapped nearly 400 gifts for the Fraternite Notre Dame in Spanish Harlem.  The gifts, along with many others, will be given out on December 17th to all of the kids! The Fraternite Notre Dame hopes to reach a total of 1,000 gifts so that they are able to provide a gift to all the children they serve.

So many people came together to donate gifts and to help wrap them as well ... we had so much fun and there was lots of holiday spirit as well.  Truly the oldie (but goodie) expression "Tis better to give than to recieve" rang true for all of us!

Some food for thought: "When you chose JOY, you feel good and when you feel good you Do Good, and when you Do Good it reminds others of what JOY feels like ... and it might just inspire them to do the same."  So be JOYFUL!  Embrace the season and see the example you set for others by simply choosing JOY!  

Happy Holidays to all!  #DG2FG#DoGood2FeelGood


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Just "DO" good!


Sounds simple enough.  Like the Nike tag line ... "Just Do it" ... it resonates.  Everyone can DO good.  If you have time to give, give it.  If you have product to give, give it.  If you have money to give, give it.  If you have services to give, give it.  If you have KIND words to give, give them! You get the point.  EVERYONE can DO good ... just find what works for you right now and DO IT!

Personally, I have contributed in every way listed above at different times of my life.  I can't imagine a life without giving.  Just simple things in the day to day grind like holding open a door, assisting someone with their bags, making a little extra dinner for a neighbor (just because!), cleaning out your closet and donating to a local organization that needs it ( makes this VERY simple to do locally here in the Lehigh Valley!.   Try it!  Think about it on your way to work ... maybe you let someone ahead of you in traffic (imagine the roads if we all did this!), buying coffee for the person behind you, holding the elevator door for someone rushing to catch it.  Trust me ... it will come naturally if it already doesn't.

We are also closing in on the holiday season (YIKES!) ... never a better time to think about how you, your family, your office can make a difference.  There are so many ways to help.  Work with your local Youth & Family Services, contact your local Boys & Girls Club, local church groups, food banks and so many other ways ... if you are lacking inspiration, email me (or help with the project below!)

I am helping a friend who for the past 15 years has worked with The Fraternite of Notre Dame in NYC, San Francisco and Chicago.  This group provides a soup kitchen, after-school activities, clothing and other necessities in the communities they serve.  During the holiday's they give out gifts to neighborhood kids (most of whom it will be their ONLY gift).  We are helping with the Spanish Harlem location in NYC.  Last year the line wrapped around the block 2x and they ran out of gifts ... in order to prevent this from happening, we are helping them to collect 1,000 gifts to be sure that never happens again.  If you are interested in helping, please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  Gifts for males/females from newborn to 16 years of age.  Gifts are typically picked up before Thanksgiving for the event which is in mid-December.  They do not have to be wrapped. 

So, go on ... DO some good! 

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We did GOOD!  Lots and Lots of GOOD!

The 2nd Annual DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service

On August 14th (my 46th birthday) I was joined by dozens of friends and family at the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, PA for my DoGood2FeelGood DAY OF SERVICE in celebration of my birthday!  Sounds crazy to some ... But, believe me when I say ... there is NO greater gift on my birthday than to be surrounded by people I love doing good for others.  It is a celebration of all of the blessings I have in my life ... so very many ... that I want to give back to others.

On Thursday, our power-house group was able to complete many projects for the Shelter!  We installed fans in their 25 apartments (fans that were generously donated by an amazing soul for my DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service), we planted flower pots, we did A LOT of weeding … A LOT!, we cleaned and sanitized the Family Center playroom and organized books on shelves, we sorted clothing, we sorted and shelved the many donations we brought from the DoGood2FeelGood event as well as some from other groups, and we cleaned out and organized a basement for them! 

I love that this day is for everyone ... we had a lot of kids join us this year … from a 3 years old all the way up to 15 year olds!  There were ways for everyone to be involved and make a difference.  It is NEVER too early to introduce your children to community service! 

There were many people who were not able to attend, but that donated needed items for the Shelter and supplies for us to complete our projects! A BIG, HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated money or supplies!

A wonderful surprise showed up that day as well … We had another birthday girl come by that day ... sweet Preslie, who had her party earlier that week and asked her friends to provide birthday party supplies for kids in need instead of gifts for her!  They brought those party supplies on Thursday to the Sixth Street Shelter!  They will most certainly put smiles on the faces of the children who benefit from her donation.  LOVE IT!  What a wonderful, beautiful soul!  Happy birthday Preslie!

What are my parting words ... DoGood2FeelGood!  Small Gestures = Make BIG IMPACTS!  Pass it on and Pay it Forward.  #DG2FG


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If you do good for others,  you cannot help but feel good too! 

Join us on August 14th at the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, PA for the 2nd Annual Do Good 2 Feel Good Day of Service.  It is my birthday! What better way to celebrate my many blessings than by giving back.  Last year I did 45 days of kindness leading up to my 45th birthday which culminated in a Day of Service.  It was an amazing, rewarding, moving experience and journey!  I felt connected to my community in a much, much deeper way.  The response from people - friends, family, neighbors, and strangers was amazing.  I met people along that way that have become new friends.  Many have even continued to share and live the DoGood2FeelGood mission in their ways.  It is a beautiful thing to behold. 

Most of us do acts of kindness in our everyday lives ... but, when you make a conscience decision to do them each day it affects you in a deeper way.  I continue to be aware, to share with my children and family small ways to make a difference.  Small acts that make big impacts.  The opportunities are all around us.

A small way you can help to make an impact in our community is by donating needed supplies or your TIME to help us help the great work that the Sixth Street Shelter is providing to the Allentown, PA community.  Consider supporting this Day of Service if you can.  Or, if you cannot ... please share!

"The smallest Act of Kindness is worth more than the Greatest Intention." Oscar Wilde

#DG2FG #DoGood2FeelGood

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Show Me The Magic!


MAGIC: a verb "to move, change or create by or as if by magic."

When I say to “Show me the Magic,” I am talking to the universe at large, but also I am reminding myself to SEE the magic that surrounds me.  It is there every day, waiting to be noticed …We just need to open up ourselves to all of its incarnations, illustrations, and beautiful, daily examples! 

The Magic shows up as simple things ... like finding glitter in your path, unexpectedly ... or, a rock shaped like a heart; a call from a friend at JUST the right time; a song on the radio; a flower that has bloomed; the story in the news that touches you so deeply (and moves you to action), so many simple, every day examples of MAGIC.  The question is ... are you "seeing" them?  Do you notice?  What if you begin to notice ... would you begin to see more and more examples?  Then, imagine how that could that impact your day to day life? 

You can experience more Magic by “being” in the PRESENT and noticing the little things around you that you just see “through.”   What are you NOT seeing? If you are having a hard time grasping ways to see the Magic, try sitting with a child. Experience how they see the world around them so fully.   A child SEES the magic in the simple, ordinary things we are surrounded with every single day!

The ocean is a great example. A child sees the ocean with complete awe and excitement. Do you absorb the magnitude and magic of the tides, the depth, the size of it, the life that lives within its depths? Think about it? Next time, just notice it, feel its magic. Now, do that wherever you are!

I pledge to ask the universe every morning to "Show Me the Magic" ... then see what shows up!  What about you? 

 #DoGood2FeelGood #DG2FG #ShowMeTheMagic

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2nd Annual DoGood2FeelGood BIRTHDAY Day of Service!

On Thursday August 14th (my birthday!) DoGood2FeelGood is hosting a Day of Service at The Sixth Street Shelter. We need volunteers to assist us with the many projects that will help this organization function better and help create a welcoming environment to the many families they assist.  For students needing volunteer hours – this is a GREAT opportunity and Sixth Street will fill out forms/provide letters as needed!

If you can help please select one of the projects below and feel free to recruit friends and family!

NOTE: Volunteers must wear closed toe shoes and plan to wear clothing you are willing to get dirt or paint.

Below are links for Sign Up Genius – super easy to do (thank you Trish Dilg!).

Volunteer Sign up:

Donation Sign up:

I hope you will join us – last year was an amazing, FEEL GOOD DAY!

Please share this with your friends and family too! 

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June #DoGood2FeelGood and AFSP Overnight Out of the Darkness Walk

Welcome back to DoGood2FeelGood – this is Elissa again!! I can’t believe my last blog post was the end of October and it’s already June 4th!! Where has the time gone? In October I did 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness for my birthday and to get me through Tony’s birthday, he would have been 35 in October. Since June 27th I had been trying to figure out how to go on and continue living without the one person who was my support, my partner, my best friend and always taught me so much. Once I met Kristine Ortiz, I knew DoGood2FeelGood was exactly what I needed and wow has it impacted my life in more positive ways than I can even explain. The lives that are touched from a simple act of kindness is priceless. The friendships I have made have also helped keep me going when I didn’t feel much like “going” anymore.

I decided shortly after October that I needed to dedicate June 2014 to #dogood2feelgood, with Tony’s one year anniversary on June 27th fast approaching; I knew I needed to engage myself in positivity and good energy people. I also decided when I found out the dates and location I would need to walk in the AFSP Overnight Out of the Darkness walk in Philly, June 28th and 29th. This is a 16-18 mile walk that begins at 7pm and you walk “Out of the Darkness” to closing ceremonies around 6am!! I thought what a way to wrap up a month that is now the result of an unfortunate suicide. My dedication to reaching out and speaking out against the stigma of mental illness and suicide prevention will continue after June 30th, but walking in this walk is the one event I could not pass up!! The fundraising minimum is hefty at $1,000.00 minimum per walker. But that is why this month I have some AWESOME stuff going on and I will keep updating as new opportunities to get into our community and support some awesome charities arise!!

My #dogood2feelgood month so far: All month long- Journal Drive Collection to benefit Haven House. Drop off any new journals or pens at a drop off location AL L MONTH or during this Saturday’s June 7th, One Saturday Collection Drive!!! (See Flyer)

Day 1- 6/1- Suicide Prevention Walk Fundraiser – Being Well: Mind, Body and Soul - this event was awesome!! In only 2 hours I was able to raise over $500 towards my walk at the end of the month!! What a way kick off June!! I would like to thank all of those who came and donated their time and services, to Heather at Sweat Like a Girl and to the Lehigh Valley Drum Circle who did an amazing job!! My heart is so warmed by the outreach of support for my cause!!!  

Day 2- 6/2- Gave the extra change to the charity bins at the front of the registers when I checked out several places on Monday!

Day 3- 6/3- Let someone who seemed to be in a hurry at the grocery store go before me in line.

Upcoming EVENTS:

June 19th- Dining to Donate at PJ Whelihan’s Bethlehem PA. This will be an ALL DAY EVENT (11am-close) and 15% of YOUR TOTAL check will be donated to the American Federation for Suicide Prevention!! (Yes!!! Alcohol is INCLUDED in donation total $$$). I hope to see you there!!!!

Small Service Project- TBD

I am really looking forward to having an even more successful month than October and hope to inspire even 1 person to take this journey. It doesn’t have to be for a month, just choose 1 day out of each week to perform a Random Act of Kindness and see the positive impact it has on your life.

Thank you again for following my journey!!!

With Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa #dogod2feelgood #embracelife

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One Saturday Program Partnership!


KLO Events is so excited to join this amazing community partnership with Paper Bag Child and The PEAK TV  The mission?  Donations made simple and kept local!  It is "SIMPLE" because the program identifies the 1st Saturday of each month as a collection date.  It is "LOCAL" by using Lehigh Valley businesses as collection sites for donations that will directly benefit local non-profits! 

United in a shared desire to bring awareness to local nonprofits and encourage community involvement, Paper Bag Child, The PEAK TV and KLO Events developed the ONE SATURDAY PROGRAM to connect nonprofits, the community, and area businesses with the goal of helping Lehigh Valley non profits assist families and children in need.

Local Business owners can join us and collect designated items to benefit a local nonprofit.   The business benefits when new and return customers visit to drop off donations.  One Saturday Program highlights participating businesses through e-mail, website, social media and other media exposure! 

Non profits gain increased awareness through the local businesses which leads to increased volunteer or potential sponsor involvement, allowing nonprofits to serve more people and better spread the word about their programs and events!

For more information visit  #onesaturdayprogram or, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Tis the Season to #DoGood2FeelGood


Tis the season to #DoGood2FeelGood ... yes it is!  Many of us feel drawn to give at this time of year - my family included (although we certainly try to all year long!). There are so many families that are struggling.  They feel their struggle that much more with all of the pressures of the holidays.  This year a friend (hello Eileen) told us about a local family that was truly struggling.  I put out a call to action to my family and friends.  I am always moved by the response, but not at all surprised!  We have collected gift cards, money and gifts for a family that is truly hurting this holiday season.  I hope that this makes things just a little bit better for them ... and, makes them feel the love & HOPE.   Feeling blessed and grateful!

Attached is a picture from the Saab Family's Annual Toy Drive - we have been a part of it for the past 3 or 4 years and would not miss it!  What a beautiful tradition.  The toys collected (and there are TONS!) are donated to the Lehigh Valley Health Network's Pediatric unit for children who are hospitalized during the holidays.  Wonderful! 

Merry Christmas! 



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Elissa's 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood!  Be inspired!

31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood – But Who Was Keeping Count?!?!


1. Spread the #dogood2feelgood movement wherever I went, handing out Stickers and Bracelets

2. Left Love notes on random cars   

3. Asked cashiers/customer service workers how their day was

4. Left Lottery Tickets on cars

5. Filled out guest surveys for GREAT customer service 

6. Participated in and Raised Money for the Suicide Prevention Walk

7. Opened and Held Doors for others   

8. Ran my first 5K for Breast Cancer   

9. Gave out lottery tickets to drive-thru worker and Panera worker  

10. Brought dinner/dessert for a friend  

11. Donated Food to Northampton Food Bank   

12. Donated Food to New Bethany Ministries Food Bank   

13. Volunteered weekly at New Bethany    

14. Gave a little girl at Build a Bear a $10 gift card towards her Birthday Bear (October 8th-we shared the same birthday)   

15. Donated TastyKakes to send to the Troops   

16. Put change in people parking meters

17. Donated to Kristin Parks LLS Walk   

18. Volunteered at and attended the “Little Pink Dress Party” @ Melt   

19. Took 35 balloons, puzzles and coloring books to Lehigh Valley Hospital's Pediatric Unit

20. Donated all extra change during the month of to the “collection bins” at the front of registers   

21. Donated money to Toys 4 Tots

22. Paid for someone’s Dunkin Donuts

23. Collected coats and baby items for Community Services for Children and took the donations to them

24. Gave out Free Hugs and Spread Love/Positivity on the 8th St Bridge  

25. Attended Dining to Donate event for Sixth St. Shelter

26. Dropped off Hello Kitty surprise bag to the wonderful Staci Horvath – She always makes me SMILE!!   

27. Purchased household donations for Sixth St Shelter Apartment Adoption

28. Purchased Birthday cards to send to Waverly and Inspirational Cards for Amy Roth

29. Reconnected with old friend   

30. Gave a homeless woman at the Post Office a $15 Wawa Gift Card

31. Turned in a Wallet to Mall Security that I found in the bathroom stall

32. Purchased toys for Christmas Toy donations to be distributed throughout the Valley

33. Collected 70+ Journals to benefit Haven House for my Journal Drive


#DoGood2FeelGood #EmbraceLife

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Elissa's 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood!

My 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood - The Recap!


31 DAYS of DoGood2FeelGood!!  All I can say is WOW!!  I can’t actually believe it’s over ALREADY!! But what do I do now?  Sleep, rest and organization are at the  TOP on my list!!  But also continuing to spread the message of #dogood2feelgood and how EFFECTIVE this process actually is ... DEFINITELY TOP on my priority list.   The 31st was Thursday and I will continue to #dogood2feelgood, to make it a part of my “everyday life” and way of thinking.  It has become a good and healthy addiction, a way to turn being dealt a bad hand of cards and turning it into a Full House.  This process has allowed my heart to become filled again with appreciation for life, has reminded me to “Embrace Life” and to spread my rediscovered Sparkle.  Going into this process, my expectations were high, my personality I suppose, but the results I feel I have gotten on the inside have far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

In addition to all the feel good moments I created, October has also allowed me to feel completely BLESSED and LUCKY to have made so many new friends, “do good” people!  I have learned about some amazing organizations in the Lehigh Valley  and I have been able to reconnect with people I have not seen or talked with in quite some time.  Each and every day in October my eyes became broadened by the amount of charity and good there is in our community.  I would like to personally thank, from the bottom of my heart, Kristine Ortiz who shared this #dogood2feelgood journey with me.  I thought you were amazing before this process started and I now know the true extent of your AWESOMENESS!!  This is a challenge at times ... and you are a strong, amazing woman to have created such an awesome project.  This journey will NOT stop here!!  And, Tracey Saab, amazing mom and Community Warrior who I have been friends with for quite some time.  Tracey thank you for connecting me with Kristine and helping me to spread the do good word!   Other new and amazing friends I have made or reconnected with include Susan Heard, Trish Dilg, Amanda Sivak, Kristin Parks, Elisha Esposito, Fiona and Mike at New Bethany, everyone who walked or donated to the Suicide Prevention Walk and most importantly ... I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to my family and friends.  They have put up with my good moods, bad moods, my breakdowns and exhaustion.  You are all the very BEST to have supported me through this (at times) VERY emotionally draining process and journey in October.  It was a tough month at times, but I accomplished more in 31 days in October than I could have never imagined myself doing in a year time frame.     

It seems that when you lose someone too soon and unexpectedly there is a sense of “guilt” often associated with “continuing to live” or being able to just enjoy things.  I know I felt this guilt especially during “Birthday Month” when I often felt bad to celebrate and have fun, when Tony was not here to do the same.  The concept of allowing myself to enjoy life again was one important thing I was definitely reminded of during this process.   On June 27th I realized life is way too short and is NEVER promised on a daily basis.  Thankfully, I have been reminded I need to live for the moment, to my full potential every day, to embrace life fully and to strive to be the “BEST” Elissa every day!! 

My last week was pretty awesome and consisted of some AMAZING things.  My favorite was probably standing on the 8th St Bridge in Allentown offering Free Hugs and holding up a sign that said "Honk 4 Hugs!"  Since being on the bridge limited passing cars able to pullover for a hug, honking allowed them to participate regardless.  Who would have thought on only 2 hours on the bridge, we could get 17+ hugs, 400 honks and several cross bridge hugs.  This just shows how much people need to be reminded someone cares and is thinking of them, even if it a tiny blonde girl and her awesome side kick on a bridge.  I took food to and volunteered at New Bethany Ministries, took coats and baby clothes to CSC, attended the Sixth St Shelter Dining to Donate, purchased cards to send out to Birthday Girl Waverly and Inspirational cards for Amy Roth.  I collected 70 Journals in only a week’s time for my Journal Drive for Haven House.  I also got the name of a little boy I will purchase shoes for; he will receive them through the “Bursts of Love” project.  Anna, a young little community warrior is already trying to make a difference by donating shoes to children who don’t have them!   

I have been drinking Yogi Tea every day since May or June.  Yogi tea provides you with an inspirational or spiritual quote with each tea bag, it can be just the pick me up I need in the AM, start my day off on a “Good Note.”  On the 31st, my Yogi tea said “The beauty of life is to experience yourself.”  I realized that very moment, that the month of October, it was a wonderful healing and grieving tool, but it was also about experiencing and embracing my true self.  A self I have not known in a very long time and this process helped me start to see who Elissa is again.  This DoGood2FeelGood project was so much about spreading love, happiness and positivity but also about my own journey. That is a true blessing in itself.  

I may not have changed the World in October, I had no expectations to honestly, but I can only hope that I was able to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention and made a small impact right here in the Lehigh Valley.  I promise myself that I will continue to Blog and write about my experiences as it has helped me immensely in the grieving process.  Once thoughts are on paper they seem so much more concrete, which has been a great tool for me and how I am feeling.  I will keep the DoGood2FeelGood page updated if I do start blogging on my own. 

Going into the beginning of the month, I was using this month of October to get through “Birthday Month.”  I started the month scared, unsure of this process, lacking self-confidence and with the true ability to be OK with life as it was at the beginning of October.  I completed the month being a more positive, self-confident, happy and healing advocate of the DoGood2FeelGood movement.   I wanted to use this month to celebrate Tony and his life here on Earth, the happy, kind hearted spirit he so much spread around.  In addition to celebrating Tony, I believe I also was able to celebrate Elissa!   Tony Schimmel, I will never understand why you decided to leave us on June 27th, but I do know you have continued to help, guide and push me to be the strong woman you saw every day.  Thank you for the gifts you gave me while you were here and the gifts you are continuing to provide me.  “But you went away.  How dare you? I miss you. They say I’ll be OK.  But I’m not going to ever get over you.”  Over You ~Miranda Lambert

Thank you for continuing to read my Blogs and watching me journey down this amazing road I never even knew existed.  It means a lot to me that you take time out to read about my thoughts and feelings.  If you have taken nothing else from my writings, I want you to remember to “Embrace Life.”  Life is way too short and tomorrow is not promised, so remember to LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE.  HUG people every day in case they forgot anyone cares about them.  Hugs are therapeutic for both the giver and receiver of the HUG!

With much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa   #dogood2feelgood  #embraceife

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October 27, 2013:  Four months later, that feels so weird to say. Since June I kept asking myself; what will the time milestones of Tony’s death feel like?  Will I remember the 27th of every month with tears in my eyes, go to the cemetery and cry like I did ALL DAY today?  Will my life go back to “normal” at some point?  Will each upcoming month be easier than the previous?  What will life be like at 6, 9 and 12 months down the road?  At this point I do not know how to proceed, what to “expect” as the time Tony’s gone grows longer and longer; I guess I just play it by ear… see how life goes…   I wish I knew the answer, the solution; a way the pain would lessen and my heart would hurt just a little less than yesterday.  Unfortunately I know the pain will NEVER go away, but it may lessen slightly overtime and I have been told I will get better at “dealing with it.”  It’s days like Tony’s birthday or TODAY that make this healing process seem like it will NEVER get easier and that I am not “dealing” as well as I thought!!

What I honestly wouldn’t give to be able to hug and touch him one more time, hear his voice or take our Sunday “road trips.”  It is so hard and it just SUCKS without him!!  It sucks that I am no longer counting anniversaries of time together or creating memorable moments, but now only anniversaries of time lost.  Time lost that we can never get back, time that I am using to grieve by myself and eventually heal.  It’s weird because I don’t know if I should say, it’s been 4 months ALREADY or I can’t believe it’s ONLY been 4 months!!  UH OH here come those random stages of grief, sneaking up in no particular order and with ANY warning signs!! 

Every morning since June 28th, I talk to Tony and God first thing in the morning to ask them for strength and guidance to help me get through the day.   So that I take the opportunities to “make someone’s day” a little better, or can create a smile for someone that didn’t have one before!!  I am trying I really am, but it’s hard… it’s a hard task to make someone smile when you have mustered up just enough energy to smile your way through a conversation without tears, hoping the sunglasses will hide your eyes welling up, only to get to the car or a bathroom to cry.  As public as this experience has been for me, I HATE crying in front of people.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the concern I receive when I cry publicly, it’s just sometimes I want to cry by myself and talk to Tony which makes me feel better.  If I am crying publicly while talking to someone who is NOT PHYSICALLY there it may get me a trip to a hospital facility specializing in mental health.  But, crying is a obviously a natural response when you feel hurt and pain, but unfortunately crying also gives people the opportunity to ask the infamous questions nobody grieving wants to hear: “Why are you crying?”  “Are you OK?” “Is there anything I can do?”

Yes!!  If you catch me with tears streaming down my face, you can ask me; “why are you crying?”   I will most likely tell you with laughter through my tears (defense mechanism I suppose), that I just never know when that’s going to happen and it was most likely nothing you or I did or said that brought them on, sometimes I don’t have much control.   The answer may not be what you’re looking for, but 4 months out and I still sometimes have NO CLUE why I am crying.  Maybe a song, a memory I thought of, a time on the clock, who knows…. But it happens and I am OK with it.                                                         “Are you OK??”  This is probably my favorite, because honestly even if I wasn’t crying, these 3 little words can bring me to tears within seconds.  Again, I wish I knew why… but I don’t.  Could it be because when I think to answer that question, I quickly ponder the responses in my head and the answer may be NO, I am NOT OK.  I won’t tell you that, but again through tears and laughter I will reassure you I am OK and doing everything I need to the make the best of my situation, trying to stay positive!                           

“Is there anything I can do?”  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking, I appreciate your kind thoughts of wanting to help, but honestly if you don’t have a Delorean to take me back to a time before June 27, 2013 or even before December 2011 and you can’t figure out a way to wake me up from this “coma” I have been walking around in for 4 months, you can’t do anything for me personally. 

At this point my biggest request for anyone reading this is that you help others.  I have all the love and support I could ask for between my family, friends, the AMAZING people I have met through DoGood2FeelGood and “Wellness coaches.” All I want is for you to embrace life, love, laugh, live, be a friend, hug someone, speak words of love, show caring and kindness without hesitation and spread your smile!! 

Today starts my last week of the DoGood2FeelGood Journey and it will conclude with my Journal Drive on Thursday.  On Tuesday afternoon (weather permitting) I am hoping to take signs of LOVE to the 8th St Bridge and offer “FREE HUGS” to anyone who may need/want one!!   Anyone is welcome to join me!  Unfortunately the 8th St Bridge has become a very “attractive tool” for someone choosing to end their life journey.  Just last week there was a suicide committed off the 8th St Bridge.  My goal is to spread LOVE and POSITIVITY on the Bridge that has caused so many people and families’ tragedy and sadness.   

So, in closing it’s 4 months out, the fog has lifted slightly, but not entirely.  The pain is still real and deep, but I believe with continued positive actions and sharing my story and Tony’s story, the pain will lessen.   As months go by and life continues to go on and I promise you it will, I know I will eventually make peace and be able to see the reasons this happened to me, to us.  I know that God would have never given me more than I can handle and trust me, I have questioned many times what he was thinking, but ultimately I will grow and learn from this experience.  It is now my choice to take this tragedy and not focus on the negative but instead spread the light and happiness Tony shed daily on my life.  I will celebrate Tony the way he would want me to celebrate him.  I don’t really know what the future looks like, but the journey to get there is keeping me positive and I need to remember the lyrics Tony said to me so often and it was our “theme song” when he got sick. "Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing is gonna be all right.” ~Bob Marley

With much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa  J

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Elissa's Journey - Week Three!

Elissa's Journey - WEEK 3

Week 3, complete; 22 days down, 9 days to go!!  I can’t believe how fast October is going at this point.  I have been so insanely busy with DoGood2FeelGood, I have forgotten at times that I need sleep.   I must say that my month of October has been pretty AWESOME so far!!  I managed to accomplish in 22 days, what I couldn’t have imagined accomplishing in 6 months just a year ago.  It’s amazing how well this process truly does work!!  I have definitely realized that every situation is what you make it and I am doing and trying my best to be positive and stay positive through this process.

 As I try to sit here and reminisce on my life before being affected by suicide, it’s hard.  It hasn’t even been 4 months, but in all honestly I was affected by Tony’s “suicide” before June 27th.   Last year at this time I can remember, again trying to get Tony to be a participant in life, in his own life, in our lives together.  He wasn’t threatening to hurt himself or anyone else, that was never the case (that I was aware of at least)  but he also wasn’t willing to show up to live on a daily basis.  I was doing it for him, for myself, for my own sanity, because if everything was “OK” to the rest of the World, then it was, RIGHT?!?  Don’t I wish?  What I wouldn’t have given to have “Old Tony and Elissa” back.  Tony and Elissa before mental illness, before daily activities you and I consider normal became a chore for the man I loved.  I remember a time in our life when people who didn’t know our names … they only knew us as “the Happy Couple.”  There was a time that existed before medication, med checks and med non-compliance.  There was a time that Bi-Polar, depression and “Wellness” weren’t a normal part of my vocabulary but, I just couldn’t remember it.   I love Tony with all of my heart and he knew and still knows that, but he also knew the toll his illness was taking on me, on my “Wellness,” on my patience and my stress level. 

October was different this year; Tony was not here to celebrate with me.  There was no birthday trip to Atlantic City.  There was no cake from the Bakery Nook.  There was no celebration … which SUCKED to be honest!!  But, I have realized Tony has sent me EXACTLY what I needed.   Tony, although often consumed by his own internal sadness and depression, did know that seeing him sick was hard for me.  He knew how stubborn and difficult he could be and he knew the battle I was fighting with him to be “well.”   He didn’t want me to have to “suffer” alongside of him.  Although I NEVER felt as if I was suffering, sacrificing or settling, he always thought I was.  I believe Tony helped push me on this journey.  This journey which is helping me re-connect with my true passions, my inner self and my sanity (at least most times.)  I do believe that if you are open to it, the Universe can send you some amazing things.  For me they have come in the form of #DoGood2FeelGood!  I am building amazing opportunities and amazing friendships throughout this process.  I keep calling it a “journey” because it truly is; a journey of grieving, healing, and self-discovery.  I couldn’t have imagined myself without “Tony” this time last year.  How do you go on living without the person who was such a strong rock of inspiration to you?  I guess he taught me things while we were together for a reason, so I could use my “survival skills” and ability to fight to get through the things I have was going to be handed. 

This October I have been given no choice but to just be “Elissa.”   It scared the crap out of me to be by myself, to not have Tony to help and guide me with advice, love and compassion.  I am beginning to realize that just to be “Elissa” is not so bad.  As I grow and learn from my experiences I can only hope and pray I can assist someone in their journey of healing and growth.  I spoke above about wanting to be “old Tony and Elissa” but I don’t even remember who old Elissa was.  When someone you love and care for leaves this Earth unscheduled and too early, it takes your soul and makes you something/someone different.  This is something I have realized is out of my control, I will forever be a different person because of Tony’s passing, because of being affected by mental illness and suicide.  But, what I can and will control is who I come out as a result of his death; who I am choosing to become, what I am being molded into as a result of being by myself, rediscovering and reinventing Elissa again.  The road is going to have bumps, even potholes and detours, but continuing to smile, be positive and try to make even a little difference as a result of this hand I have been dealt is all I can continue to do.   

I want to do a quick recap of Week 3 #dogood2feelgood to remind myself that I am making a small difference in the community especially on days like today that I doubt myself.  I collected and donated kids coats to give to CSC, collected and donated more items for New Bethany Ministries as well as 3 hours of volunteering with my new friend Fiona, Little Pink Dress Party @ Melt, Toys For Tots monetary donation, spread the word about DoGood2FeelGood to Panera worker who was great, I gave him lottery tickets, an inspirational quote and filled out his customer service survey!!  5 STAR, way to go!!  Your management team isn’t as friendly and helpful as you!  And, don’t forget about the Journal Drive kick off.  This event is running through next Wednesday 10/30/2013, but PLEASE contact me if you want to make a donation and can’t get to a collection site!!  Keep watching for the good things to come next week as well and the totals for the Journal Drive!!

I know that life sometimes will feel like the storms are too bad to weather and that your life is being flooded with negative people and experiences.  But I ask that you remember the clouds will always clear and the sun will shine again, you have to be willing to see the sun through the dark cloud cover.  Positive people will show up in your life if you allow them!  Your experiences can be positive if choose to look at them that way.  On June 27th and the immediate days following, I could only see my devastation in losing my best friend and love, I could have never imagined being given the opportunity to try to make  a difference in the community and to most importantly raise awareness on Suicide and ways to prevent it.  Tony’s death, although still terrible and upsetting has brought sunshine and positivity back into my life this month.  It has reminded me that I am not selfish to Embrace Life without him here.  Everyone grieves differently; I respect and accept that, but I ask if you are going through a tough time, a time where you think only negative things, when you think the sun is not going to shine again, try doing something nice for someone.  Try reaching out to someone who may need it, volunteer your time or donate an item to an organization close to your heart.  This DoGood2FeelGood process works, I promise you it does.  For me, it continues to become more rewarding each and every day.  Join this movement; Share it with your friends and your community that small random acts of kindness can go a long way.

With Much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa J

#dogood2feelgood #embracelife


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Journal Drive!

Check out Elissa's service project ... A Journal Drive to benefit Haven House.  Many locations for drop off - or contact Elissa directly to schedule a pick up!  It is an easy way to #DoGood2FeelGood!

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Making it through the rough spots by DOING GOOD!

                DEEP BREATH… AHHHH!!  Birthday week is OVER and I can breathe AGAIN!!  Not only have I gotten through Birthday Week, but I have completed another 7 days, Week 2 of DOGOOD2FEELGOOD and it has me more inspired and energized than Week 1!  Admittedly, last week was probably harder for me than the first week of July, when I buried my best friend.  There are times I still think back to those first couple of weeks after June 27th and I know I was in a complete fog of shock and emotions at the time and it all just didn’t feel as REAL.  Well the fog has lifted and last week was my firsthand experience at the pure RAW emotion of Tony not being here.  Don’t get me wrong there have been quite a few breakdowns, tears and a whirlwind of emotions prior to last week, but experiencing the first round of “celebrations” without your loved one is REAL.  The urge to just want to cry and the sadness I couldn’t contain were well beyond my control on Tuesday and Thursday.  My main goal last week was to let other people celebrate Tony on his birthday, the way we should have been celebrating together in the past few years.  We should have been showing the world how grateful we were for the things we had and have given the opportunity for others to experience it that same way.  “Birthday Month” for Tony and I was the green light to be selfish and celebrate the entire month with meaningless, non-rewarding activities.  We went on vacation, drank and ate too much and wasted money on presents for each other, when actually being able to share our lives together should have been gift enough.  I guess since I now have the opportunity to take a step back and look at the situation differently, I can appreciate the real and true things that can celebrate a birthday or any event for that matter.  I also know how I will be choosing to celebrate from now on … I will be celebrating by spreading the message of #dogood2feelgood.  I can only hope there are many more birthdays for me to create the kind of memories I should have been creating with Tony.   

            Some of my #dogood2feelgood Week 2 included, spreading the DOGOOD2FEELGOOD message wherever I went.  Leaving bracelets and stickers at tables, giving them to cashiers, customer service reps at Toyota and making sure whenever I gave them out I took the time to  explain a little about my story and why I am choosing to do this. I left a nice tips at the ice cream shop, put any extra change from Wawa into the donation bins in front of the registers, took food to the local food bank, gave a $10 gift card at Build A Bear to fellow “B-Day girl” Julianna, who was 9 last Tuesday. Delivered 35 balloons, puzzles, books, stickers and bracelets to the pediatric inpatient unit, donated Tastykakes for the Troops, donated food to New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem, ran my first 5k for Breast Cancer, purchased journals for the upcoming Journal Drive for Haven House and this morning I spent 2 hours volunteering and getting to know a little bit more about New Bethany Ministries with a wonderful woman Fiona who runs the Food Bank.  I not only got to experience the food bank, but saw how they have the ability to serve 200+ a hearty lunch on a daily basis.  My heart is so full of love to see these employees put so much love, care and compassion into their work on a daily basis.  Fiona looked at me today and said “I truly LOVE my job, every day.”  What a feeling.  I met some amazing people there today and I am excited to say I will be going back on a somewhat regular basis to help Fiona in the Food Bank, donate food and serve a meal to the guests in the soup kitchen. 

            My experiences this past week are really showing me how small things make a HUGE impact.  How the little things in life we tend to take for granted can mean the world to someone.  As I sit here at my parent’s house which is warm, at the dining room table where we are able to eat dinner, on my laptop writing this blog entry and I keep checking my phone for emails or text messages, it is a reminder that we as a society have allowed ourselves to become so disconnected with “unnecessary” human interaction.  I know this is a hard concept, but today for a little over 2 hours, I was without my cell phone, I couldn’t take a phone call, check email, surf Facebook and I was able to connect with real human beings.  Some homeless, some workers, some volunteers, but regardless these people are all real and they have enriched my life today in a small 2 hour time frame.  It was AMAZING!!  Of course I am writing this so you can access it on the Internet and read it, or connect with the movement via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but ultimately this should not be our only form of communication.  I want to make a promise to myself, that on a weekly basis, I will give myself time without my cell phone, computer or TV.  I will set aside time every week for human interactions, whether I choose to volunteer, read a book, go to a yoga class or just meditate and reflect on the blessings I have. The life I have been given to live is TODAY and I need to appreciate the blessing I have. 

            Today after volunteering I had a session with my AMAZING “Wellness Coach”  (when I got Tony to go to counseling for a short time, I renamed his counselor and his sessions “Wellness” because I HATE the stigma of therapy or therapist.)  We talked a lot about my month so far and then about last week and the upcoming holidays.  She said she saw an immediate change in my demeanor and attitude when we were talking about my feelings, emotions and upcoming holiday plans and what this project is ultimately providing me inside and out.  I get so excited talking about #dogood2feelgood, WHY?  Because it WORKS!!!  It is just amazing how good it makes you feel to help even 1 person. 

            Many more exciting things planned for the rest of the month.  Little Pink Dress party on Thursday and I have been asked to volunteer at the event!!  Thursday I plan on taking some donations to GAME TIME Fieldhouse which is accepting new socks and new or gently used winter coats size NB - 5yrs for the children at Community Services for Children. I will be accepting any type of sock or coat donations and then I can take them with me on Thursday!  The Journal drive should be fun and exciting and kicks off on the 19th!!  Plus I have a few other ideas I can’t wait to share!! 

Before I sign off my post for today, I want to take a moment to thank my family and friends who have been an awesome guiding support since June!!  I thank God everyday he provided me the family and friends that I have definitely needed these last few months.   I am grateful for the amazing people I have met so far on this journey; everyone I talk to and connect with may have made the connection in a different way, but are connecting by me and my #dogood2feelgood journey.   

Today I ask you to reflect on what Your Life is RIGHT NOW and how the actions we choose to take today make an impact tomorrow.  

With Much love and positive energy,


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"Embrace Life" - Elissa's journey continues ... Birthday Week

Elissa - BLOG POST 3


Day 7 of my #dogood2feelgood journey.   One week down, six days of good things and one charity walk under my belt.  I truly am feeling invigorated by this opportunity and inspired to spread the word.  It was an awesome feeling all week to perform acts of kindness in hopes of just “making someone’s day.”   The “Out of the Darkness” walk yesterday to benefit Suicide Prevention was GREAT!  So why is it that I can’t stop crying today?!?  Is it because the walk was a realization for me that I was actually affected by Suicide in June?  Is it the fact that it’s October 7th and I am going to be 31 tomorrow but don’t feel in anyway like celebrating?  Maybe the fact that Tony was supposed to be 35 on Thursday and he cheated himself out of another year of life?  Or the fact that it’s the first round of events or holidays that are going to happen and be celebrated regardless of who is missing out of them?  To be honest, I wish I knew.  What I do know is that regardless of the reason for my random and spontaneous tears all day, they are here and unfortunately are real.   I guess the week has only just begun and I can expect this may be an emotional rollercoaster regardless of my initiative to try and turn the situation into something positive.  I get the opportunity to fulfill another three weeks of positive and kind acts. 

Yesterday was truly an amazing opportunity to see how many people are impacted by suicide in our local area.  Everyone’s story is different, everyone is dealing with their loss differently, but we were all bonded by the fact that someone we loved and cared about decided taking their own life was the only option they had.  At the start of the day, I really wasn’t sure what kind of emotions the walk would bring up.  Would I enjoy myself, laugh, have fun?  Was I going to need the tissues I stuffed in my purse?  It was awesome how my 20 amazing “One Love” Team members supported me throughout the entire event.  I was super excited that Kristine and I had the opportunity to set up a table at the walk to spread the message of #dogood2feelgood.  We were located under the sponsor tent, had a prize wheel, candy, inspirational quotes, stickers, and silicone bracelets.  Most importantly we got to tell other walk participants about the movement.  Thanks to Susan Heard for being another awesome support to me yesterday and for providing the glitter that we will all have in our hair for weeks to come!!  LOL Yesterday team “One Love” got to support an amazing cause, spread love, spread kindness and spread glitter through the Parkway.   I feel so blessed by the wonderful people in my life right now!!   I want each and every one of you to know and realize how much you really mean to me and how appreciative I am of your support. 

I have found myself avoiding the words “it’s my birthday” the last few weeks in the hope that if I didn’t talk about it, I wouldn’t think about it, and then it wouldn’t happen.  Good theory, right?  WRONG!!  Plagued by the question all weekend, I found myself shrugging it off.  Birthdays are supposed to be a celebration of life.  Celebrating the day someone is born, so that they may live a meaningful and fulfilled life of 100 years like my Great Grammy who just passed away July 28th.  What happens to that celebration when the other half of your party no longer can celebrate his “Birth”day?  I feel completely selfish saying it, but I feel totally cheated.  Cheated now, of the celebration of my “birth”,  most likely forever!!  Yes, it is true, I am choosing to make sure I am living since Tony has decided he didn’t want to, but it doesn’t change the fact that we had birthdays 2 days apart.  It doesn’t change the fact that “Birthday Month” is never going to be about celebrating, but yet being reminded of the years of birthday memories and the life together with him I was cheated out of.  Ok, enough pity party for Elissa.  It is today, I am declaring from this point on “Birthday Month” is now going to be called “DOGOOD2FEELGOOD” month.  This rewarding opportunity and experience cannot just end this year on October 31st.  But instead become a yearly tradition of 31 days of kind acts, volunteering and the Suicide Prevention walk.   I also hope to grow team “One Love” next year.  While people have said to me, “Elissa, what do you want for your birthday or what do you want to do?”  And I have maintained my guarded responses, it got me thinking.  When I have actually thought about it, the next-best birthday present to actually celebrating it with Tony would be knowing that you read this blog post and ACTED!  Let the people you LOVE and CARE about KNOW how you feel!  If you say it often, say it AGAIN!!  REMIND THEM!  Hug your kids/family and friends.  Reach out to someone, someone who has recently suffered a loss, is experiencing a tough time, or may just need a reason to smile today!  Send a text or email that you are thinking of someone, pick up the phone and call someone and ask them about their day!  The littlest things can have the BIGGEST IMPACTS!!   I want you to do something nice because you can.  I ask that you appreciate the life you have been given TODAY and the people you have in it!!  Live in the moment.  Embrace Life.  Spread Kindness and Love wherever you go.   But sharing your stories with me on my birthday of the kindness and love you are spreading to others is the one thing I know would keep me smiling on the 8th and the 10th!   Tomorrow and Thursday my goal is to immerse myself in good and positive things.   I have already placed an order for 18 Mylar balloons, picked up some puzzles, coloring books and stickers which I will be taking to the pediatric inpatient unit at the hospital.  My goal was 35 balloons since Tony would have been 35 on Thursday, but regardless of how roomy my Toyota Camry is, I think 35 balloons might be a driving hazard!!  LOL

I have some great Breast Cancer Awareness events coming up as well!  The Women’s 5K classic run is on the 12th and the Little Pink Dress Party on the 17th.  (Any hints on where to find a cute “pink” dress please let me know!!)   I am also super excited about my big service project … the Journal and Pen drive to benefit the clients of Haven House.  The drive will be running from October 19th- October 27th.  The journal drive came about due to the importance of “journaling” when people suffer with mental illness such as bipolar, depression and anxiety.  The journal drive is going to allow for the counselors at Haven House to provide clients a journal and pen, so they can start immediately and don’t need to take the task of purchasing one on their own.  Working on setting up some collection sites for the journals and am hoping to get the Journal Drive Flyers out ASAP. 

I hope I leave you feeling slightly more inspired than you were earlier today.  I hope you take my message and embrace it, embrace life and do good things for others.  Kindness goes a long way where and when you least expect it!!   

With much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa xo

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Kicking off My DoGood2FeelGood Journey --- By Elissa B.

Kicking off My Journey

By Elissa B.


Here we are, October 1, 2013, today marks the beginning of my DOGOOD2FEELGOOD month.  Trust me as I have journeyed further into this process, my excitement level is continuing to increase daily and I am excited for some upcoming events that everyone can help participate in.  More details to be coming soon, I promise!!  But, as the month of October begins, it is also bittersweet time for me.  With my birthday approaching Tuesday the 8th, and Tony’s on Thursday the 10th, I can’t help but feel sad and emotional.  This is the first birthday I will be celebrating without my Libra companion and best friend in almost 5 years.  I find myself not wanting to celebrate at all and just forget Tuesday exists, but I keep  reminding  myself this is why I chose DOGOOD2FEELGOOD, to not let myself get sucked into a dark whole of sadness and depression which many people find themselves in when tragedy strikes so close to home.   From the beginning, this is not how I wanted to be!!  I needed to take this negative event and change it into something positive with ACTIONS!!  I need to EMBRACE LIFE, because we never know when it will be “our time to go.”    

So, Since my last blog post I have been brainstorming ideas of “kind and thoughtful” things I can do throughout the month.  I have definitely come up with a few.  I have formed a team for this coming Sunday, 10/6- “Out of the Darkness Walk” which benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we are currently a team of 20, which feels like such an amazing blessing and opportunity.  Team “One Love” created in memory of Anthony Michael Schimmel, got its name from the Bob Marley lyrics “One Love, One Heart, Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right.”  What better of a message at a suicide prevention walk, than getting together to spread love, compassion and good positive energy!   Also, Kristine and I have been given the opportunity to set up a table at the walk to promote the DOGOOD2FEELGOOD movement!  What an opportunity!!  Spread the word about the small actions of kindness that can make a HUGE impact on someone’s day!   Although I do believe the suicide prevention walk is going to be a tough day; I also believe it will help further me in this healing process.  Next up, October 12th is the Lehigh Valley Women’s 5K classic, to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and I am signed up to RUN this 5K!  That’s right; I said I am planning on running this one.  It sounds scary to say it out loud to people, but I have been training using an awesome Couch25K app on my smartphone and it has started to feel less like running and a more enjoyable stress reliever each time!!  I do have confidence I will be able to run a vast majority of the course!!   Also to support Breast Cancer Awareness, I plan on attending the “Little Pink Dress Party” held October 17th at Melt!!  What a great excuse to get dressed up, have fun and support a GREAT cause!  Towards, the end of October I will be coordinating a Journal and Pen drive to benefit Haven House, in Allentown.  I was able to connect with them at the LV Non Profit Expo and I am glad I did!!  This is a mental health facility that wants to change the stigma of mental health!!  More to come about Haven House and the Journal Drive soon!! 

                Most importantly, how was I going to start the month off?  Here I am October 1st and what can I do to make even just a small impact?  It was while writing this, I saw my friend, fighter, warrior, inspiration and SURVIVOR of both breast cancer and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) Kristin Parks, post to her Facebook she is walking this Saturday in the “Light the Night Walk” to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and needs to meet her own personal fundraising goal!!   Kristin may not know this, but as her battle with Breast Cancer begun, I watched with tears in my eyes, while she began her fight and never gave up, always stayed positive and she made sure to “Go Chuck Norris” on that cancer!!  When she was diagnosed with AML after being in remission from breast cancer, again, she was a fighter and truly an inspiration.   Kristin may never know the positive and inspiring impact she has on the people around her, but I can only hope to fight as hard as she has with complete grace and poise.  As she has inspired me to stay strong, because the storm will pass, I hope to stay strong and make an impact on the life of someone around me in a positive way and fight like a true warrior.  My first DOGOOD2FEELGOOD act is; I have made a contribution to Kristin’s fundraising goal of $40.00 to help find a cure for AML.  Thank you Kristin for being an amazing fighter and inspiration! 

My goal this month is to Embrace Life (check out my new pic, courtesy of Elaine Zelker.  AWESOME pictures at the FLASHES of Gold Event.) To not only Embrace Life, but do it in a positive way.  Because I woke up this morning and was given the gift of life TODAY!!   Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so I promise to live in the moment and make my impact TODAY!  Embracing life with good, heartfelt, kind actions is my mission statement for the month of October.  I invite you to join with me in any way you can and support DOGOOD2FEELGOOD!!

With much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa xo


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Introducing a Special Guest DoGood2FeelGood Blogger!

Elissa's Story & Special Journey


My name Is Elissa Bernecker, June 27, 2013 started as any other day, but with a blink of an eye, my life has been forever changed.   A beautiful June morning turned into my worst nightmare when after an almost 2 year battle with mental illness, my best friend, love of my life and boyfriend Anthony M. Schimmel, took his own life. It hurt me to see him suffer in silence, refuse treatment and be in emotional pain on a daily basis, but I never dreamed he would think suicide was his only option.  He never threatened to hurt himself or others and I always reminded and encouraged him there are treatment options available to him, but he didn’t want to be “sick.”

I quickly decided after this traumatic event that although it will leave a lasting impression on me forever that I cannot allow it to have a negative impact on my life.  I am still here to live my life every day and it is my choice to make sure it is positive. 

It was during this time I was introduced to the DoGood2FeelGood movement and the amazing woman starting this movement, Kristine Horner-Ortiz.  How wonderful and inspiring, spending 45 days doing nice, kind things for random people and celebrating her birthday by having a service project day.   

Anthony and I shared a love of going out, traveling, poker, Atlantic City, Vegas, Jamaica always having an amazing time together.  But we also shared “Birthday Month” – My birthday, October 8th and Anthony’s birthday October 10th.  This was our fun way of giving ourselves the OK to celebrate all month long.  This year with October fast approaching, I didn’t feel much like celebrating, it was with the fear of a sad, depressing month of October I decided I will not sit around and be unhappy.  Although Anthony chose to cut his life short, I cannot choose that path or journey, I cannot let life pass me by.  I want to do feel good things, some random acts of kindness that may make someone’s day, some already planned out charity walks and ending October with a feel good service project that will benefit a local nonprofit. 

My commitment to do good things for the entire month of October has already changed my thinking.  I have decided to celebrate the month not because of our birthdays, but to celebrate how precious life is and spend the time I have been given to show others kindness.  God and the Universe has  blessed me with such amazing, family, friends and support team that it is time to Pay It Forward and reconnect with myself through kind actions. 

I am excited to be participating in #dogood2feelgood for the 31 days in October.  I invite you to travel this journey with me, to follow my blog posts, follow via FB, Instagram or Twitter and to be inspired to spread kindness and love to the world.   These are some of the greatest gifts you can give someone who may need it that day, you never know who’s life you are saving by making them smile.

With Love,

Elissa Bernecker

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Fund Research, CURE, Make it Fabulous!

Making it FABULOUS!


I had to share these pics Elaine Zelker took as "promo" shots for the Flashes of Gold event that is next week, Wednesday, September 25th, to honor local hero David Heard and to benefit David's Warriors/St. Baldrick's Foundation! 

How powerful and FUN!  We had a great time taking them and cannot wait to share the images from the party on 9/25!  So many of us want to DO SOMETHING but don't know how/where... this is the chance to show up, take a quick, powerful photo and share it with your family, friends, co-workers.  Double-Duty ... ACTION and AWARENESS ... AWESOME!


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September is Childhood Cancer "ACTION" Month


Life is never what you expect ... both in good ways ... and very bad ways.  I am the "cup-is-half-FULL" type (can be annoying ... I get that), but I am what I am and I think sometimes terrible things happen but very good things sometimes come from it ... like meeting someone you might never have met if not for that terrible thing.

I met Susan Heard after her son David died from cancer at the age of 10.  Stop ... take that in ... TEN YEARS OLD. Never should a parent have to lose their child to cancer ... EVER!   I knew about David and his cancer because they live in our community and my daughter is the same age.  They were classmates and both in 5th grade when he died.  I didn't know Susan or David "before."  Just Susan "after."  I met her through a mutual friend (God bless you Jodi) .. who thought we should meet.  Boy did she nail that one.  I'll never be the same ... I love Susan Heard and will do anything for her!

After David died, Susan left her job working for a college to work for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.  It was David's wish.  Why St. Baldrick's you ask?  Because they fund childhood cancer RESEARCH.   MUCH MUCH needed research. Susan has dedicated her career and life to this cause.  Mother Warrior - YES - she is the living breathing definition. 

I have done what I can to help raise awareness and funds.  Any little thing I can.  This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I put my social media profile pic and cover photo with the gold ribbon up September 1st ... then, a post (another blogger) went around saying "Awareness" what a bullshit word ... I had to step back ... I was blown away.  HOW VERY TRUE!!  What good is Awareness without ACTION! 

SO - I got in ACTION!  I called my friend Elaine Zelker an amazing local photographer who has a studio downtown and we got to work!  We created this event along with Susan's neighbor and dear friend Celeste in less than 3 weeks!  Amazing what you can do when you are IN ACTION!  Not only will this event be FUN ... it will raise money that will go directly to David's Warriors and St. Baldrick's Foundation where it will be used to fund the RESEARCH so desperately needed. 

Please join us if you are local ... if not, consider making a donation directly through our event page listed below.  ALL proceeds go directly to St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Wednesday, September 25th 6-8:30 p.m.

Elaine Zelker Photography Studio
522 Northampton St.
Easton, PA

Fund cures for kids with cancer!  Local warrior, David Heard died from cancer in 2011 but wanted to bring awareness to the gold ribbon and keep funding childhood cancer research.  David’s Warriors was created to support St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which funds the most childhood cancer research after the United States government.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Wear GOLD to show your support!

Take a photo decked out in your GOLD and use provided props for extra fun! Photos will be taken by Elaine Zelker of Elaine Zelker Photography!
$10/photo- All proceeds to David's Warriors!

Finger food & desserts, Wine, Champagne and soft drinks all included in your ticket price.

Raffle prizes and 50/50
Pre-Sale Tickets via Eventbrite are $10/person

Tickets at the door are $15/person



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September is here!

It has been a while ... but the DoGood2FeelGood-ing has not stopped!  See some updates below.

***September is Childhood Cancer Awareness (or we call it ACTION) month.  See what DoGood2FeelGood you can do to help find a CURE!  Stay tuned for info on an event we are planning to benefit the St. Baldrick's Foundation ... coming this month ... details coming soon! 

One:  DoGood2FeelGood and my Kids!

I think #kindness is rubbing off on my kids ... I found Post It notes on my computer ... Left for me by my 13 year old daughter that said: "SMILE TODAY" and "BE HAPPY" ... guess what??  I SMILED and I was HAPPY!  

Two:  Mary's Shelter Day of Service ... the DoGood2FeelGood endures!

The impact of our Day of Service at #MarysShelter endures. See note below from Trish Paper Bag Child who was at the shelter this morning ... Okay, made me cry a bit too.

"I just dropped preemie clothes to the new mom of twins at Mary's shelter and the worker there said the moms LOVE the porch and she often sees moms sitting out there with their babies. Ok fine I cried, you rock."

Three:  A wonderful #DoGood2FeelGood story from Sandy

"So proud of my daughter Jillian today! When we were leaving the parking lot of Walmart their was a family on the side of the road with a sign in Need of help. I didn't have cash on me but Jillian asked if We can help in someway. We stopped and asked...they just wanted food and diapers for their baby. Jillian started to cry and we went back to Walmart and she said wanted to use her birthday money to get them some items. We then ran into Tiffany Turner and told her the story and she also donated. When all was said and done Jillian said she just felt that it was the right thing to do. Please say an extra prayer for that family today." #Kindness

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My Acts of Kindness

 My #DoGood2FeelGood Journey ... Acts of Kindness Along the Way!   


1. Left a thank you note to our waitress … with a smiley face of course!   

2. Brought flowers to a neighbor that I cut from my own landscape   

3. Bought a sandwich for our sales guy … cheese steak!   

4. Let cars merge in front of me all day   

5. Gave a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card to person behind me in the drive through   

6. Met a new neighbor   

7. Opened doors for others   

8. Took pictures for families on vacation at Hershey Park and down the shore   

9. Gave out lottery tickets to a waitress and drive-thru worker   

10. Brought dinner over to a friend who had surgery   

11. Brought in garbage cans for neighbors (and my hubby)   

12. Left "Love" notes all around for strangers to find   

13. Waved at kids waving from overpass   

14. Completed staff survey at bottom of sales receipt to help salesperson out   

15. Left an extra tip and compliment to girl washing hair at salon   

16. Put quarters in people parking meters (lot of times!)

17. Gave away tickets to a Phillies game   

18. Helped care for a neighbors cat while they were away   

19. Brought in neighbors mail and newspapers   

20. Left pennies for Free Wishes at a downtown fountain   

21. Gave out COLD water on a HOT day   

22. Sent balloons to a pediatric unit at a local hospital   

23. Left a $1 bill in the toy section for a child to find   

24. Restocked a friends refrigerator for them so they had the essentials when they returned from a trip   

25. Helped someone carry in a heavy box to the post office   

26. Complimented sales staff on great customer service   

27. Bought ice cream for a group of adorable senior citizens in front of us in line   

28. Created cards with the kids for someone we didn't even know that is going through cancer for the 3rd time   

29. Reconnected with an old friend   

30. Worked with a local charity to coordinate service projects 

31. Gave out a free movie ticket   

32. Left lottery tickets on peoples cars   

33. Got needed items donated for a charity   

34. Joined a website that helps raise money for your favorite charity every time you search   

35. Sent a note to someone going through a hard time   

36. Left coins by candy machines and video games for kids   

37. Helped an woman with a walker out the door    

38. Volunteered to be the designated driver   

39. Collected seashells for kids at the beach   

40. Delivered food to a friend who recently and suddenly lost her husband along with a homemade card from the kids   

41. Left a nice tip for our waitress who was way overwhelmed but still had a smile on her face!   

42. Paid the toll for the car behind me   

43. Complimented someone on their "pink" hair … it was very cool   

44. Bought and delivered items to Shelter   

45. Donated gently used items, toys etc. to our local Youth & Family Services   

46. Bought coffee for person behind me in line   

47. Smiled and said hello to everyone I encountered 

#DoGood2FeelGood #Kindness


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One more MAGICAL thing that happened yesterday at our Day of Service Celebration at Mary's Shelter ... a VERY, VERY generous and needed donation to Mary's Shelter by a friend's Foundation. It could not have come at a better time for the Shelter.  Truly amazing things do happen - Miracle are all around us ... you just have to open your eyes! ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬

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Day FORTY FIVE - Day of Service Celebration


There are no words to express how truly amazing, inspiring, moving, emotional, fun (okay ... maybe there are a few words!) today's Day of Service was! I am truly blessed beyond belief to have such an incredible community of friends and family. Thank you to everyone who showed up today and offered their help .. and there were a few surprise guests who showed up which was wonderful! We got things DONE today. Mary's Shelter is so grateful for all of the work we were able to accomplish. It is amazing what we can do when we come together to ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬

Another fun aside ... 45 Days of ‪#‎Kindness‬ to celebrate my 45th birthday which I celebrated with a Day of Service Project with ... ready for this?!? You're not going to believe it, but I counted and re-counted ... 45 VOLUNTEERS!!! No Kidding! How awesome is THAT!?!?!?

Just an all around amazing journey and experience.  NO question I will continue the Acts of Kindness and I have found the BEST possible way to celebrate my birthday each year as well ... ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood will be the way I celebrate from now on.  Bring on 46 ...!!!!  

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The Final Days ...

Days Forty-Two, Forty-Three & Forty-Four

Well - these past 45 days have gone by so fast!  It is hard to believe that tomorrow is my 45th birthday and the "end" of my 45 days of ‪#‎Kindness‬ journey!  I say "end" because really ... this is not something I will stop doing.  It has been such an incredible, fun, inspiring and, at times, very moving experience.  I have met great people along the way and hopefully inspired some to #‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ too!  Tomorrow, I culminate this journey with a Day of Service at Mary's Cay Galgon Center in Bethlehem, PA.   A shelter for homeless pregnant women and their babies.  I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful group, who are doing much needed work here in our community.  We have over 30 volunteers coming to help with an assortment of projects.  But, many more supported this effort by donating needed items or money to purchase items or just supporting me throughout this journey.  I cannot say thank you enough ... I am moved by the support and love!

Day Forty-Four:  Today I delivered an SUV filled with items to Mary's Shelter and worked to finalize details for tomorrow's Day of Service with their staff. My car will be filled again tomorrow and many of the volunteers who are joining us tomorrow will also be bringing items with them.  I love this wonderful community we live in! Thank you to everyone ... near and far who contributed and supported me and this wonderful organization.

Day Forty-Three:  We went to a Yankee game tonight.  A first for my son!  He is a BIG Yankee fan and was so excited.  We had good seats to begin with ... but at the start of the game a Yankee representative came down and upgraded us to Field Level MVP seats --- awesome!  The best part ... I had won these tickets at a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.  The Yankees rep was looking for the owner of the seats (who had donated them to the cause) ... but upgraded us anyway and was THRILLED to hear that we got them by supporting a great cause! So ... we were on the receiving end of #DoGood!  Nice.  

Day Forty-Two:  Today we shopped for items for the Mary's Shelter Day of Service!  Bought lots of great and needed items for the residents, babies and for our service projects!  ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ 


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More DoGood2FeelGood Shares from others!

Shares from others who DoGood2FeelGood

Lori:  "Today I met with AC guy, nice young guy, explained everything in detail, came over to help get my air back on! I gave him a nice tip, a Do Good 2 Feel Good sticker and told him to pay it forward. I was surprised by his reaction..he started to cry and told me that no one has ever done anything like this for him before, and that it was such good timing since his little girl's birthday was yesterday and times have been tough. I told him to have fun with his family on me...powerful stuff... #DoGood2FeelGood!"

Susan:  "Today, as we left Maine, we stopped by to offer encouragement to a newly diagnosed cancer family during a public fundraiser being held for the family. We spent some money to support them.  But the kindness was more about offering encouragement. Best part of or day!"

Deb:  "So not so much as a "giving item" today, however I had a rush rush morning...getting dinner prepped, running to grocery store to pick up somethings for a party at work, dropping my daughter off to camp. Feeling cranky and rushed and stressed. I smiled at every single parent I passed at camp drop off this morning, and most of them looked as frazzled as me! But with a big smile and a 'good morning' to all of them, we all looked better and I think we needed that!"

Lori: "At the store and gave the checkout girl my change, told her to have a nice lunch on me! What a beautiful smile I received back!"

Susan & Nancy:  "Today my friend Nancy Amacker and I did our good together! We cooked up some meals for a dear member of our community who needs some help. She can focus on getting better while leaving the cooking to us. Feels great doing for others and carving out time with a friend. Awesome night!"

Sam:  " My day started early. I went to the credit union to find a guy in a wheel chair struggling to get in the door. I held the doors for him. I went to the manager to let him know the button to open the doors was not working. At Walmart there was a cart in the way so I pushed it ahead. I then parked and took the cart along with two other people's cart into the store. In Dunkin Donuts now and saw a friend and bought their coffee. Having a fun Monday so far."

Susan:  "How does giving away amusement park tickets rank? Feeling good and doing good in Maine!"

Stephanie: "We went downtown for the Farmer's market and I told Andrew about your project and the pennies for the fountain, parking meter money etc. We talked about why we should do more things like that and he said he likes to hold doors open for people and wink at elderly people to make them smile. That cracked me up. So proud to share your vision with him and for him to embrace it-even in his small way."


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Day Forty and Forty-One



Day Forty-One:  Driving home from the beach today I paid for the toll of the person behind me in line!  It never fails to amuse me at the response of the toll collector (or whomever is passing on the kindness) ... he was so taken aback!  #DoGood2FeelGood 

Day Forty:  Today was our last full day down at the beach.  I was not feeling great (me and my son got colds) but made a point of finding ways to be #Kind wherever I could which included stopping for pedestrian's in crosswalk (which is actually a law in Ocean City, but you'd be surprised how many people blow through them), opening doors for others, and smiling at anyone I encountered.  It was the first time it felt "hard" ... being sick stinks!  I also saw a woman on the boardwalk with pink hair.  It was cute and I made a point of telling her!



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Day Thirty-Eight


Today I was on the Boardwalk with the whole gang and I saw a family taking turns taking pictures ... But they would not have had one with all of them in it. I ran up and offered to take one... Now they have a great family picture with a beautiful beach background! Love, love, love to do things like this for others! They were so happy and grateful! 

Attached is a picture of my family ... I asked a young girl to take it for us! ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ ‪#‎kindness‬

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Day Thirty-Six & Thirty-Seven



Day Thirty-Six

Today we were up on the Boardwalk with the kids.  We stopped for dinner at a pizzeria restaurant that was insanely busy.  There were only 3 waitresses working the whole place ... and it was big!  We waited a long time before the waitress came over.  She was so apologetic and you could tell frazzled, but doing her absolute best ... and with a BIG smile.  The service was not perfect but she was doing her best and kept apologizing.  We helped clear up the table by stacking our silverware, cleaning up everything and stacking plates for her too.  We also left her a very generous tip.  Can't blame her for the managements mistake of not having enough staff on the floor.  

Day Thirty-Seven

We stay at my Aunts house in Ocean City when we come down each summer.  We have been coming down her for over 30 years.  During college me and my siblings worked and lived here at different times throughout our summers.  Of course, over this time we have gotten to know many of the neighbors and friends of my Aunt pretty well.  About 2 weeks ago, one of these friends and neighbors lost her husband very suddenly.  It is very difficult for her and will be for a long time.  He was only 59 years old ... gone way too soon.  Me, my Mom, sister, Aunt and Cousin ... along with the help of the kids ... decided to take her some dinners.  The kids also made her a card that we all signed.  Me, my cousin Caitlin and my Aunt delivered the food and card to her.  She was touched and grateful.  Keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.   



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Days Thirty-Three, Thirty-Four & Thirty-Five at the Beach!

DAYS 33-35

Got to the beach on Friday and here until next weekend.  We have lot of family and friends coming throughout the week and it is always a great time.  

Day Thirty-Three:  We left for the beach today with my kids and my brother and his girls who are here visiting us from Utah.  We spent the bulk of the day either packing up, driving or unloading ... but on our way down, we stopped for breakfast.  There was a woman with two canes coming out of the store as we were arriving.  Me and the kids held the door open for her and helped her down the little step at the curb.  Seeing the kids tuned into helping and noticing was awesome!  

Day Thirty-Four:  Everyone was down for the weekend and we had a few birthday celebrations.  My act of kindness today ... I was the designated driver and I offered (with my sister) to go to a party to video tape a fun surprise my Aunt and cousins had planned for a friends 30th birthday party.  

Day Thirty-Five: On the beach all day - perfect beach day!  I walked and collected all of the prettiest shells we could for the kids.  They LOVED it.   Greeted everyone with a smile and hello all day and every where we went!

Don't forget about our Day of Service on August 14th at Mary's Shelter!  See the link below.  It is so easy to sign up to volunteer or make a donation.


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Days Thirty-One and Thirty-Two

A lot has been going on the last couple of days ... gearing up and getting ready for the Day of Service at Mary's Shelter on Wednesday, August 14th!  We have finally set the projects and the donation needs ... check it out to sign up or donate needed items!  We can use all of the help we can get so please, share with your friends and family!

Day Thirty-One:  Today I made the time to meet up with a friend who is moving to LA and treated her to lunch.  Glad I made the time to see her before she left.  Going to miss her.  

Day Thirty-Two:  Today I ran to the mall with my daughter and my niece.  We had a fun time putting money in places for kids to find like gumball/candy machines, video game and we just dropped some dollar bills randomly and watched (Anonymously) as they found them.  So much fun!

 #‎kindness‬   ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬


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Catching up .. Days 27-30!


I have a little catching up to do! Four day’s worth of‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ acts of ‪#‎kindness‬ to report!

***(Picture: Not just any wicker chair ...!)

Day Twenty-Seven: I had met with Mary’s Shelter on Friday … so spent some time today (Saturday) organizing notes and creating a project list for the DAY OF SERVICE on 8/14/13. One of the items on the list is to help furnish their front porch. I put a request out there … AND … Drum Roll please … we got two donated wicker chairs (they’re really nice too!). A great start! Thank you Trish Dilg Paper Bag Child and Gina!

Day Twenty-Eight: We spent most of the day cleaning and organizing up at the Lake house preparing it for our friends to use while we are away at the beach. When we did get home … I was doing some web searching about #Kindness and came across this website: I signed up and my searches/surveys etc. will benefit @St.Baldrick’s Foundation. So easy! You can make it your home page so you always remember to use and it and support a charity that is close to your heart. 

Day Twenty-Nine: An acquaintance of mine that I know through kids, school, and mutual friends in our community had a loss in her family … actually two within a week or so of each other. I sent her a note letting her know that I am thinking of her in such a difficult time. It took just a few minutes, but hopefully the small gesture will bring her a little light … 

Day Thirty: Wow – 30 days in … only 15 more days until my 45th birthday and the DAY OF SERVICE. Excited to report we should be able to post volunteer sign ups and donation needs tomorrow afternoon/evening! As part of the list of needs I compiled while at Mary’s Shelter … we also got a few more items on the list – shelving for the storage room, a coffee table and a few other items … for the 8/14 event! So exciting! Thanks again Trish Dilg!

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The BEST part of this journey?  Inspiring others!

I am twenty-seven days into this journey and nearly ¾ of the way through my 45 days of Kindness … Every day I am amazed by how much doing an act of kindness … no matter how big or how small … makes ME feel good.  Just simple things like holding a door for someone, letting someone ahead of you in line, giving up your seat to someone … they are simple things, but they are meaningful and important because you did something KIND for someone for no other reason than to be KIND! Hopefully, they are inspired to do something kind for someone else in return ... PASS IT ON!

I have had a lot of great feedback along the way … here are some comments I wanted to share.  I did this because I wanted to do it … but, I hoped that I would also inspire others along the way.  It is truly the BEST and most fulfilling feeling to hear that others are inspired to #DoGood2FeelGood too and are inspired into action!  

Judy:  I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading the article today about your acts of kindness. Keep being the selfless person that you are. You are teaching your kids such valuable, positive lessons .

Linda;  I love it! Literally every day I wake up thinking "what can I do today?" I know after the 14th I will continue to consciously make someone else's day brighter  xoxo

Jessica:  Kristine I love this!!! You are an amazing woman!!!

Jackie:   I've enjoyed watching you do this Kris, you got me motivated to do this!!!!! Way to go!

Karen: Kris, you are truly inspiring to me! This article just made me cry.... you are amazing both inside & out. Count me in if you ever need help with your kindness endeavors.

Linda:  This is wonderful, get the word out to be kind, need more of this in the world:) You are an inspiration!!!!

Jennifer: Yay !! That is so wonderful !!

Andrea:  I am blessed to have met Kristine through a mutual, and just as caring, friend. Bravo, Kristine! Thank you for making this crazy, mixed-up world we live in so wonderful!

Kelly:  Great article in this morning's Express Times! You are truly an inspiration!

Susan:  I met Kristine at one of the lowest points in my life. She lives what she does! She is kindness and light. Thank you Kristine for allowing us to share your wish. There can never be too much kindness shared! Love you girl and happy almost birthday!!!!

Beth:  We continue to do the same:). We are still collecting backpacks!  And, we especially love making the day of an elderly person.

Shari:  VERY cool!!!! You are a beautiful woman inside and out Kristin!!!!e

Terry:  So proud to call you a friend! The inspiration and light you give is contagious! Love you! Xoxo

Sarah:  Saw you on the news! You are an inspiration!

Sandy:  You are such a great example and inspiration to us all

Chrissy:  So cool! You are an inspiration. We need more kind people like you! 

Lori:  love what you're fact has inspired me tremendously... God Bless are a special person!

J.R. Peters Inc.:  Inspiring campaign by our friend Kristine! We are proud of you!

Sam: Kris, you inspired me today to start. 

‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬  ‪#‎kindness‬


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Others who #DoGood2FeelGood

More shares from others who ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬!

Doreen: “Flowers for a friend!” #dogood2feelgood 
(Picture credit: Doreen Miranda Sutcliffe)

Sam: “I won $25 on a scratch off ticket. So, keeping your idea in mind I bought (10) $1 tickets and handed them out at Wawa with #DoGood2FeelGood stickers. So much fun looks ranging from surprise to happy.”

Linda: “My friend who owns her own business just went back to work after the birth of her little girl in May. I took fresh cut flowers from my garden to her to brighten her day. New mommies are so busy with their babies I thought I'd give her a little treat of her own!”

Another Share:
Beth and her girls are at it again … collecting new or gently used backpacks for a local organization to give to kids in need this fall. If you can help – please email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Day Twenty-Six


I left our sweet waitress a free movie ticket ... a good tip and of course a ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ sticker! ‪#‎kindness‬ 

Also, visited Mary's Shelter Cay Galgon Center in Bethlehem today for a tour ... So excited for the projects we are working on for the #Dogood2FeelGood DAY OF SERVICE on my birthday 8/14 ... more details coming VERY SOON!

Bonus:  I got to meet two sweet, sweet babies too!! ‪#‎marysshelter‬

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Day Twenty-Five


Today I gave out lottery tickets to some "lucky" people ... Anonymously!  Fun - imagine if someone wins?  Also, cut flowers from my garden and left anonymously as well!

‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ ‪#‎Kindness‬‪#‎randomactofkindness‬

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Days Twenty-Three & Twenty-Four


I had a couple of days to catch up on! The themes these two days ... Reach out to someone you have not seen in a while and reconnect ... and Community Service/Volunteerism! 

Day Twenty-Three: Today I made a special trip to visit my Alma mater (Rutgers University!) and a very special professor! I took the kids with me so they could see the campus … but secretly, I wanted them to have the experience of meeting this wonderful man, Steve Miller. He’s been at Rutgers for nearly 30 years. He is an indelible part of the university, but most especially to the School of Communication & Information (where I studied but it was called something different then!). Many people have had teachers that have had an impact on them in one way or another through the years. I did too through elementary, middle and high school … Steve is one of those guys. He has a wealth of knowledge about many, many things … but more than that … he’s a great man. He is kind, generous, giving, thoughtful, and so much more. He has kept the journalism/communication alumni connected by creating a Facebook group where we can network, share ideas, and congratulate each other on our many accomplishments. His office is plastered with pictures, notes, and announcements from the many successful grads that have gone through his programs/classes! I always enjoy seeing him, catching up … and yes, still learning a thing or two! ‪#‎Kindness‬‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ ‪#‎reunion‬ ‪#‎Rutgers‬ ‪#‎stayconnected‬ 

Day Twenty-Four: I was in NYC today (briefly) for a meeting … a quick in and out that took up the bulk of my day! But, I did connect this afternoon with St. Mary’s Shelter (thanks Trish!) and spent nearly an hour on the phone with one of their staff talking about partnering with them for the DAY OF SERVICE event on my birthday August 14th! I am thrilled to say that they are on board! More details to come soon – make it in your calendar! #DoGood2FeelGood #Kindness ‪#‎MarysShelter‬‪#‎DayofService‬ ‪#‎ActofKindness‬

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More who DoGood2FeelGood!

Share from others who DoGood2FeelGood!

Trish:  “Our friend just had her baby and our book club is bringing frozen meals for the new parents … and we will deliver. Love those new babies!”

Deb:  “Donated more $ than I regularly do to the Forks Township fire department that were running their annual boot drive outside our grocery store.”

Sam:  “Yesterday on my way to work I saw local road construction workers. As I passed I saw the sweat pouring off them. Just passed them was a store I stopped at to get a drink for myself. As I was leaving with my drink I looked up the road where they were working. I walked back in and bought six ice teas and took them back to them. The look on the faces was priceless. Everyone thanked me and I was on my way and feeling good for the rest of the day.”

Linda:  “I had a big grocery order and there was a gentleman  on lunch break with a salad and soda, so I let him go in front of me at check out. It was a small gesture but he so appreciated it!”

Audrey:  “A friend moved up here from Florida.  She lives alone and doesn’t have family nearby.  I went up and spent the day helping her to unpack.  I probably unpacked over 35 boxes alone!”


And, a story to share:

My friend Ann Marie put it out to friends that there was a family that is really struggling financially and they have a 5 year old daughter who didn’t have a bike to ride.   Many of us reached out to see if anyone had a gently used bike for her.  Ann Marie’s friend Karen donated the PERFECT princess bike!  Alison donated a Panera gift card to help too! Amazing what comes together when you just ask!

‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ ‪#‎Kindness‬ ‪#‎GiveBack‬

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Our TV Debut!

My friend Eve Tannery from WFMZ Channel 68 did a news story on my DoGood2FeelGood project/mission!  Here is the link so you can see it!  Thank you Eve for taking the time to feature this journey.  #DoGood2FeelGood #Kindness

Details will be coming soon about the DAY OF SERVICE that will culminate this experience on my 45th birthday - August 14th!  Stay Tuned ...!

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We are on TV!

Watch us on WFMZ Channel 69 tonight at 6 pm to see a story that the fabulous Eve Tannery did about my ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ journey! If you're not local, I'll post a link after it airs!

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Day Twenty-Two


Earlier today a friend sent me a note about Kim Segers. She has fought breast and colon cancer … and, now she has discovered that she has a tumor in her lung. She is having surgery on Thursday and can use all of the love, prayers and encouragement we can send. I had my nieces with me today and we (along with my son) made cards to send to Kim. If you can – considering mailing her a note of encouragement too! 1355 Monroe St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20017

‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ ‪#‎Kindness‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Prayers‬

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Day Twenty-One


Today was definitely one of my favorite acts of kindness so far! In the spirit of National Ice Cream Day, we took the kids out for ice cream! These three handsome men were in line in front of us. I asked if we could buy them ice cream – their reaction was priceless. They had been arguing over who was going to pay – we helped solve the argument and paid for their treats! We ended up chatting with them and enjoying their company … Such sweet men and it was an honor to meet them!

#DoGood2FeelGood #Kindness #IceCream

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Days Nineteen & Twenty


Day Nineteen:  I helped a young man with a heavy box into the Post Office. He was struggling through the parking lot. He was very grateful for the offer. I don't think he would have asked for the help on his own. 

Day Twenty:  My kids have been away with their grandparents for a week or so.  Today I spend a good part of the day creating a special surprise "make over" for both of their rooms!  I cannot wait to see their faces!  Also, while I was out running my errands today, I paid special attention to thanking and acknowledging the sales people I dealt with.  At one store in particular (Hot Topic)  - the staff was so sweet and helpful.  I complimented them on their customer service ... both were young and I could tell it made them feel really good to hear that they were doing a good job!

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Day Eighteen


My neighbors came home today from an exhausting and emotional trip ... I restocked their refrigerator with some essentials and sandwich makings for a quick dinner ... hopefully making their transition home a little easier. 

Share what you are doing with us ... msot people do little bits of kindness everyday ... share those little things with us!

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Another #DoGood2FeelGood share!

Angela from Sugar Babe Cupcakes shared with us her‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ today! She delivered these cupcakes to St. Luke's Hospice for the very deserving staff and families. Love it - thanks for sharing!

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Day Seventeen


I left a little something in the toy department for a kid to find! Makes me smile thinking about how excited he/she will be! I know how excited my kids get when they find money!

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Days Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen


Time to catch up … and I have so much fun to report!


Day Fourteen:  Helping to take care of a neighbor’s cat while they are away … bringing in mail and garbage cans too!  

Day Fifteen:  Whew – big day! I had a short segment for a news story done by a local news station today.  We gave out pennies at the downtown fountain for free wishes.   It was excessively hot that day and brought ice cold water to give out.  We also watched parking meters and put in quarters to ones expired or nearly expired.   I had was able to share this day with my kids and mother in law … had a great time too.  Great fun and responses for everyone we encountered.


Day Sixteen:  Sent smiley face balloons to the pediatric unit at a local hospital for the nursing staff to distribute to the kids!   Hope they brought some smiles.  

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Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

I had purchased 4 Tickets (great seats and a preferred parking pass!!) to a Philadelphia Phillies game at a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser this past June.  Unfortunately, the game was rained out the night it was scheduled and the rescheduled date was the next night when we already had plans.  I posted on Facebook that I had FREE tickets and parking pass to the first person who messaged me!  Felt great to give them away and for someone else to enjoy a great, surprise night at the ballpark!  

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Day Twelve


I knew I was going to be downtown and using a parking meter ... so, I grabbed a Ziplock bag of quarters before leaving the house.  I dropped them in meters all around me and ones I passed as I went to my meeting.  #FreeParking #DoGood2FeelGood



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Day Eleven


I went to the hair salon today. It is so relaxing to me!  The best part of the experience is the hair washing.  Love the massaging of the scalp! Seriously, that is some good stuff!  So, when you get someone who is not too good at it, or you can tell is totally not into it --- it is wicked disappointing.  Really – for me … a big bummer.  Today I had a girl named Katherine.  She spent a good 5 minutes (maybe more) massaging/washing my hair.  Nirvana.  I made sure to tell her what a great job she did … And, I left her a very nice tip too!  

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A Special Thank You!

Thank you for your KINDNESS!

To get this project started there were some wonderful people who helped me get ready to kick this off ... they have performed Acts of Kindness to me! Many thanks to John Brady of Design Squared  for the DoGood2FeelGood logo design and Blog set up, Jen Mizak from LM Write for her word wizardry, my sister Deb and great friend Tracey Saab for all of the brainstorming and editing of ideas and help!

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Day Ten


Ten days into this journey and kindness is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night.  That’s a great thing!   I notice it all around me now too.  Not just ways I can help someone or offer a kindness … but, I see others around me when they do too.  They’re always simple things.  Picking up dropped keys, holding open the door, returning their shopping cart … all simple things … but they  matter. 

You know those surveys you sometimes get at the bottom of a receipt when you shop?  How many times do you actually do them?  I never have.  I shopped at a new store today.  The sales woman was really helpful and she asked me to complete the survey as it would help her out.  I took the 5 minutes and did it when I got home.  SIMPLE.  Driving out to dinner with my husband tonight, we went under a walkway overpass.  There were a bunch of kids on it waving to drivers as they passed under … they wanted drivers to beep.  We beeped … They smiled and waved.  SIMPLE.

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Day Nine


So many very simple ways to have fun while doing ‪#‎good‬. Today I posted little "love notes" where I went. Car doors, card stores ... even the drive through. They said, "Someone loves you", "You Rock!", "You're Wonderful!", "Smile Often", "You are beautiful" ... I smile just thinking about how I would react to finding these simple little notes as I went about my day ... it would seriously make my day! I hope I made someone smile today when they found or saw my notes ... maybe even turned a bad day into a good day. I like to think I did. 

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More ‪#‎DoGood2FeelGood‬ Shares!

Linda: "I just left $3.00 worth of quarters in the machine at the laundromat!"

Kelly:  "Took iced coffees to friends at cub scout camp:) made their day!"

Tracey: "There was a lovely woman behind me in the grocery line in her motorized shopping cart. as she went to reach for her cane to start putting her items on the checkout counter, i told her i would be happy to help & she should stay seated. I put all of her groceries out for her and she had the biggest smile. I still have the biggest smile! Thank you! 813!"

Joellen: "I took a few extra minutes with a friend that just lost a family member and listened instead of pushing through my next task at work – I really felt that they needed an ear to listen and care."

Kim: "The kids I work with begged me to take them outside for some fresh air yesterday. No one else wanted to because it was too hot. I decided I'd stick it out...made their afternoon, even though we were melting!"

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A Special DoGood2FeelGood Share

‎#DoGood2FeelGood share from two beautiful souls and sisters Julia & Tara who celebrated their June birthdays this weekend ... instead of asking for gifts for themselves ... they asked for toys to give to kids at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  What a wonderful example of kindness!

Thanks for sharing. ‎#Kindness ‎#GiveBack ‎#CHOP ‎#Sisters

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‎#Inspiration for ways to ‎#DoGood2FeelGood ... please share with us what you are doing! 

1. If you are in a long line, invite the person behind you to go first.

2. Drop off combs, toothbrushes, and toothpaste at a shelter or a soup kitchen.

3. Share happy memories. Stick an old photo in the mail to a friend and write a note about the day it was taken on the back.

4. Leave a copy of a book you love, with a note for the next reader, on the train or the bus.

5. Rescue a wallflower! Strike up a conversation with someone who's standing alone at a party.

6. Leave quarters at the laundromat

7. Give free car washes

8. Put HAPPY notes in car doors in parking lots

9. Drop off a note of thanks to your local Police Dept. with donuts and/or coffee

10. Clean out your closets and donate to a local organization

11. Pay for the next two cars behind you on a toll bridge

12. Drop coins or $1 bills in a playground and watch the excitement as the kids find them!

13. Offer babysitting to parents who really need it

14. Buy cold drinks for the people next to you at a game or concert

15. Donate unused books to your local library or charity

16. Leave lottery tickets in your neighbors mailbox or mail to a friend or family member

17. Help someone load their groceries into their car

18. Tape change to a vending machine for the next person

19. Leave a small treat with a note for your mail carrier

20. Give/Donate blood

21. Pay for the person behind you in the movie line!

22. Bring in your neighbors garbage cans

23. Hand out cold water to construction workers on a hot day

24. Deliver balloons to hospital patients

25. Stand up for the underdog

26. Slip a $20 to someone you know that is having financial difficulty.

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Day Eight


Today, I did little bits of good ... picked up trash on the street, brought out the garbage cans for my hubby (he loved that!) and brought dinner over for a friend who is recovering from surgery ... and it added up to lots of ‎#good!

‎#DoGood2FeelGood ‎#Kindness ‎#Smile

Others who shared ‎#DoGood2FeelGood 

Sam: I walk out of my house at 10:15 a.m. as usual. I saw the same guy walking his dog as I do every morning. Today was different however. I said good morning how are you? With a big smile. He gave me a big smile and walked over and we talked for 15 mins. I have seen this guy at least 50 times in three years. He invited me to come down for a beer. Lol you just never know. Great way to start the day."

Joellen: "I volunteered all day at Easton's Heritage Day! 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m."

Kim:  "The kids I work with begged me to take them outside for some fresh air yesterday. No one else wanted to because it was too hot. I decided I'd stick it out...made their afternoon, even tho we were melting!"


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Day Seven


When I decided to do this, I thought (as friends have pointed out) ... I do a lot of Kindness in my day to day life. It is part of the fabric of who I am ... that is true. But, I did it anyway because we all get caught up in our day to day of life and forget to PAY ATTENTION to what is happening around us. Work, kids, family, pets, housekeeping, bills ... all of our day to day obligations can keep us from noticing the little things. Imagine if you took a second and made the conscience choice to smile at a stranger while opening the door for him/her or you decide to pick up your neighbors newspaper and run it up to their front porch on a rainy day? You would feel good and most certainly the person on the receiving end would too. The more we perform acts of kindness … the more kindness there will be in the world. I believe that if you do good for others … they will want to do good too! Pass it on!

Today I spend a portion of the day cleaning out … I got a lot accomplished and now have some great items to pass on to someone who needs them. Bags full of stuffed toys, sheets, blankets, towels, shoes, etc. I’ll donate to our local Youth & Family Services where I know that they’ll go to a new home and will most certainly provide some relief for a family in need. 

‎#DoGood2FeelGood ‎#Kindness ‎#GiveBack ‎#Recycle ‎#Donate‎#YouthandFamily 

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Day Six


One of the things I am discovering during this process is that it really doesn't take much to make someones day. Truly. I think that so many of us walk with our heads down ... if we "look up" ... there are all kinds of wonderful things and people to discover. I am experiencing this first hand and I love it. 

We were in Hershey, PA again today ... The One Direction concert was tonight. I got a few scratch off lottery tickets this AM with the plan to give them out throughout the day. That was fun - and the one I gave to the drive-thru operator at 11:30 p.m. tonight on our way home ... her ‎#Smile was the best!

PS - A shout out to all of the parents, grandparents etc. who braved the crazy heat and crowds to take their kids to see the concert tonight! ‎#1D ‎#OneDirection

Good night ‎#DoGood2FeelGood'ers ... hope YOU had a great day.

‎#kindness ‎#giveback

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Day Five


Spent the day at Hershey Park today with my daughter Carly, my friend Andrea and her daughter Emily. We are here for the One Direction concert (we are going tomorrow night!) ... there was also a show tonight ... so you can just imagine the crowds, screaming tweens, and "patient" parents.

There were so many subtle ways to ‎#DoGood today ... allowing cars to merge in line while jockeying for parking, offering a seat to someone at our shaded table, opening doors for strollers, offering to take pictures of families so they could all be in the shot together, and simply connecting with people around us as we waited in lines. We had a great day ... hope you did too!  ‎#DoGood2FeelGood ‎#Kindness ‎#HersheyPark

Others who DoGood2FeelGood too! Please share with us what you are doing. 

Joellen: "Today I took the time to create awareness to the public about our non profit awareness expo #nonprofitexpo. The more people I can make aware will only help the non profits of our community."

Sam: "This is too funny I was buying my Powerball ticket and put five in and bought two and handed it to an 18 year old kid behind me and said good luck and have a great day. He smiled a big smile and thanked me very much."

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Day Four


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July today. I was lucky to be up at our lake house with my family and friends. It was a perfect, relaxing day ... no agenda. One of my favorite parts was laying out on the dock, dipping my feet in the lake watching the sailboat and talking with my friend. 

We have had our house at the lake for just over one year. It is a community with many homes but few full-time residents (this includes us). We have not really met anyone up there ... even neighbors as no one is regularly there. Today, thanks to a sweet little 6 year old, who was drawn in by the colored smoke bombs my son and father in-law were lighting, we met a nice family! 

How great are kids? He had no problem with just walking up and joining in on the fun. No "over-thinking" ... just doing. As a result, his mom came over looking for him and we ended up talking for over an hour, exchanging numbers and emails and agreeing to visit next time we were both up at the lake. New friends and neighbors - I'd say that's a good day!

‎#DoGood2FeelGood ‎#Friends ‎#Kindness 

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Day Three


The joy I am getting from this is beyond words! Love the shares of others who ‎#DoGood2FeelGood ... best thing EVER! 

Today I gave a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card to the guy in line behind me. So fun. Even the reaction of the woman working the window was great ... hesitation (to be sure she heard me right) followed by a huge smile! I am sure she got as much joy out of telling him his order was paid for as I got in giving the gift card and as he got in being on the receiving end of the ‎#kindness 

Goodness begets Goodness --- ‎#PayItForward

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Keep on sharing your ‎#DoGood2FeelGood acts of ‎#kindness! xoxo

Others who ‎DoGood2FeelGood - keep it up! This is such great stuff!!

Sam: "Today I brought donuts to our Security people at BMW. They have had a very tough week with the outsourcing going on now. There were thanks and smiles from all."

Larisa:  "Brought cookies to the reception staff at Dr's office today for squeezing my appointment in!" 

Joellen: "The simple thing of smiling when I met someone in passing and saying have a good day. I do believe that made a difference because they smiled back!"

Linda: "A Puppy Rescue asked me to puppy sit next week so they can go on vacation. I am taking in (2) four month old pups!"

Tracey: "I put more money in a parking meter today and went out of my way to hold a door for someone!"

#kindness ‎#giveback ‎#thisisfun


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Day Two


I am having so much fun with this! Went to NYC today for a meeting --- anyone who drives into NYC knows what I am talking about when I say that ‎#Kindness is not rampant on the roads that lead to the city ... and certainly not once you are there. I made sure to have my driving experience be as ‎#kind as possible by allowing lots of merges ... which produced many waves and lots of smiles! 

When I got home I cut some flowers from my yard and brought them to a neighbor (and dear friend) who is recovering from back surgery (see picture below!) I hope they brighten her day ... even just a little!

Last, but not least ... my husband and I went to Lumber Liquidators to look for flooring for a bathroom we are redoing. A great sales guy named Bill really helped us out and hooked us up with a great deal. While checking out he was joking around with us .. he was just a really fun guy ... during our chatting he mentioned this awesome cheese steak place up the street that he said was amazing. We checked out, he helped us load up the car and we said goodbye. We left and went directly to the place he mentioned, got him a cheese steak and dropped it to him at the store with a thank you note. The look on his face ... the smile ... and the HUGE belly laugh. PRICELESS!!! What an incredible feeling to bring that kind of a smile to someone else. Truly --- my husband and I were grinning for the rest of the night. 

Feeling truly blessed. Hope you all had a great day too!‎#DoGood2FeelGood ‎#lifeisgood

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Day One


Not that I am surprised, but I love how conscience I am of those around me ... paying attention and "seeing" them ... instead of possibly through them in the hectic pace of day to day life. Saying "hello" and offering a smile to everyone I see in my travels - love seeing their "light" turn on at being acknowledged and "seen".

Today I focused on paying attention, having a nice word for anyone I came across, left a thank you note for our waitress at dinner (with a smiley face lol) ... these are common courtesies we sometimes forget, but are so very appreciated! Lots of smiles today.

Others who #DoGood2FeelGood shared these acts of kindness with us today:

From Sam:  "Kris, you inspired me today to start. The guy that lives below me has not mowed his lawn in two weeks. He started today and the mower broke. I looked at it for about an hour and was thinking I would offer to do it for a $25.00 fee. I read your post and right now I am sitting, looking at his freshly mowed lawn. I'm sure I feel better right now than he will when he sees it's done."

Then Sam's follow up:  "I have to share this follow up......I opened my door this morning to find an envelope taped to my door. The neighbor that I mowed the lawn for put a $20.00 bill inside with a heartfelt note of thanks. I put the $ 20 back in the envelope with my on note saying thank you but pass the act of kindness on. By the way I put your web address on the note."

From Linda ... on the receiving end of a ‎#kindness:  "I will share an act of kindness I received this weekend. I pulled up to the gas pump and there was $10.00 pre-paid on the pump."

From Beth:  "I'll share something that my lovely daughter Julia did....a very nice lady that we know was diagnosed with Leukemia a few weeks ago. As soon as Julia became aware of this, when thinking about the treatments she would be going through, Julia said, ''Mom, can I please make her a blanket?". And so we went to Hobby Lobby, picked out a pretty pattern of fleece, and she has a beautiful blanket here waiting to be delivered to this special lady. She has made quite a few of these 'feel good' blankets for people she felt could use them for various reasons. She also continues to volunteer with me the third Thursday of every month at Safe Harbor where she helps prepare the meal and serve it to the residents. I couldn't be more proud! More things to report in the near future"

Thank you --- so excited you are joining me on this journey!

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DO GOOD 2 FEEL GOOD Blog is launched!

"Small actions make big impacts."

It's as simple as picking up a piece of garbage at the park or mowing the lawn of an elderly neighbor. It could be donating time to read to a child or volunteering at a homeless shelter … or even buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you. Small gestures make big impacts on the people and the world around you. One small gesture can change someone's day and make them feel better. And don't you feel better when you help others?
How much good can WE do – local or not -  in just 45 days? I've committed to one random act of kindness a day until August 14th – my 45th birthday!  Then, I would like to celebrate all of the amazing GOOD we have done at a ‘Do Good 2 Feel Good’ Event (of course!)  
I'll be sharing it all – pictures, tweets, posts, videos – you name it - on all my social media channels and I want you to ‘Do Good 2 Feel Good’ too! Post what you are doing here, or visit my Facebook page, Pop over to Instagram @DoGood2FeelGood or share on Twitter @kloeventsllc  and use the hashtag:  #DoGood2FeelGood.
Let's make this thing grow - exponentially! It doesn't matter where you are whether it’s the Lehigh Valley, NYC, Philly, or somewhere else in the world doing GOOD things for others is our mission.
More info to come, stay tuned!

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